Private Car Confidentiality

So you're not a famous movie star, you don't have a hit album, you're not a political figure. You will still receive the privacy that any of those listed above would expect. People use a private transportation service, a limo, a personal driver for many reasons. Your business is just that, YOUR BUSINESS.  A driver should not comment on other passengers. There are rare exceptions of course. I have one client that actually encourages me to talk about him, but he is in sales and wants your business. I still don't though, unless specifically asked about that subject. So please understand that if you ask me about other clients, I will be evasive in my answers. I don't know who knows who and would hate to speak out of turn. When you use a private car service, be very wary of any driver that shares information about other clients. Seemingly innocuous things like saying, "I had a movie star in my car last month", is an industry no-no.  A simple statement like that could result in the press watching the driver/service every time anyone of fame comes to town. I will always respect your privacy. While many of my clients are personally referred, I never share information about them without their express, direct permission to me.  And it is up to them to initiate the request. You can rest assured that if anyone asks if I gave you a ride, my answer will be that my clients' information is private.

Norman Cochrane