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Arizona Emissions Testing

Don't drive across town and wait in line 

I'll do it for you


Only $65.00

Arizona Emissions

Does your vehicle need to go through Arizona's vehicle emissions program?

If so, don't spend your valuable time driving across town just to wait in line.  I will pick up your car, take it through emissions and return it to you when done.

No surcharges for longer wait times and price includes the testing fee.


What comes after the test

After the test, the rest of registration can be done online at Use the link to go directly to the registration page.


What if My Vehicle Fails the Test?

From experience I can tell you that a bad gas cap often causes you a fail. 

In that event, and at your request, I will buy one from the nearest parts store, install it and take your vehicle back for a re-test. Retest are typically free if done right away.

If it fails for any other reason, it will need to be taken to your favorite mechanic.

I use Automotive Recalibration Center for all my repair needs.