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Private Car • Airports • Wine Tours




Tucson International Airport

Prices start at $40 for trips to or from the Tucson International Airport.

Phoenix sky harbor International airport

Private car to or from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport on your schedule from $200.

Phoenix/Mesa Gateway Airport

Private car to or from Phoenix/Mesa Gateway Airport from $200.  (Pick up require three days advance notice)


Tucson Resorts

Whether it's for our spectacular weather, mesmerizing sunsets, incredible dining or challenging golf,

Tucson is the perfect place for your vacation or business trip.


Learn about some of Tucson's best resorts with links to each one for your convenience.


Bed and Breakfast

Looking for a more cozy  place to stay in Tucson?

Try one of out many  Bed and Breakfasts, where you a sure to be treated like family.




Downtown, university & the heart of Tucson


Away from the city & in neighboring cities

Downtown Tucson Sunset Kilt Transportation

Wine Tours

I am not just your designated driver, I am your personal assistant. I will immediately  transfer all your purchases to the car, and for the ladies, I will carry your purse.

Wine tours are billed hourly


Wineries & Vineyards



So close. So many choices.


More than meets the eye.


Prepare for your Tour

With more wineries and vineyards than can be appreciated in one day, you will need to decide where you want to go. Click (LEARN MORE) to find out about the many choices you have at each destination. 

We will then go to your selections in the order you choose.

You will find a helpful map on each page to help you with your planning.



Auto Emissions

Does your vehicle need to go through Arizona's vehicle emissions program? If so, don't spend your valuable time driving across town just to wait in line.  I will pick up your car, run it through emissions and return it to you when done.

No surcharges for longer wait times and price includes the testing fee.



Whether here in Tucson or up in Phoenix, the casinos in Southern Arizona know how to treat you right.

With their fine dining, luxury accommodations and exciting gaming, you can treat yourself to a vacation without hours of travel or dealing with the airlines.